Peppi's messages for the heart come straight from God's Word, and also include

humorous true stories from Peppi's own life that help drive home the truths of the gospel. 

These may be stand-alone one-hour sessions in addition to a one-hour comedy show session (with a break inbetween).  Or, the message may be a 5-10 minute word brought at the end of her one-hour comedy show.

MESSAGES FOR MULTIPLE SESSIONS (Retreats, Conferences, etc.) followed by a full-hour Comedy Show:

Peppi recommends having a 45-50 minute message in the first session(s).  Then, break for snacks or a meal, returning for a full hour of pure hilarity, and a brief tie-in message at the end. Select one of these messages for a session:

Warrior Woman - Scripture teaches that in the last days, many will be led astray by false teachers, yes, even the elect (Matt 24:24).  We MUST know and teach truth as taught in God's Word.  Let's not be weak women, as described in 2 Timothy 3:6-7, easily led captive because of sin, always learning (attending Bible study after Bible study after Bible study), but never arriving at the knowledge of the truth (still living in defeat, with doubts, fear and still not knowing or living in truth).  It's a strong presentation of the Gospel.  Equip the women in your trust to be WARRIOR WOMEN, gird in truth!  Warrior Woman pairs easily with almost any other issue women face, since being rooted in the gospel of Jesus Christ is a must for living the abundant, spirit-filled life.

Joy for the Journey - Peppi's Captivating Testimony of Finding Freedom from Fear, to Joy for the Journey. (One Hour)

Joy for the Journeyis easily compatible with other topics and themes such as:  Resting in Grace, Trust, Living the Abundant Life, Following Jesus, The Sovereignty of God, Power of Prayer, Empowerment (according to scripture), A Surrendered Life, Knowing God's Word, Revival, The Fruit of the Spirit, Repentance, Spiritual Warfare, Suffering Well and others.

Surrendeer - Do you remember the church offering envelopes with the "check list"?:  

☑Read My Bible Everyday

☑Studied My Lesson

☑Invited Someone to Church


Well, Peppi's desire to always have every box checked continued into adulthood:

☑Teach Sunday School

☑Serve on Committees

☑Sing on the Praise Team

☑Do Service Projects

☑Go on Mission Trips

yada, yada, yada.

 Peppi found herself always striving, always doing more and more and more to the point of sheer exhaustion and frustration.  It wasn't until the Holy Spirit revealed to her that all the work of salvation was done on the cross that Peppi began to understand that God's grace is sufficient, and in repentence, she fully surrendered to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.  The more she began to rest in His grace, the more her life filled with joy; and the more her soul was at peace.  It was then that she noticed the desires of her heart (Psalm 37:4) changing to align with those of Christ. She was no longer living by the check list.  Instead, out of gratitude and love for her Savior, her actions'll never believe this....a lot like the check list!  It's all about motives of the heart.  Before, when she lived BY the check list out of obligation, she was in bondage, never satisfied that she was doing enough, always striving, yet never fulfilled.  But grace destroys the check list!  And in its place Jesus gives abundant life (John 10:10).  This is a message of liberation for those who question their salvation, for those who wonder if they are doing enough and for those who wonder why they are in church every Sunday, yet have no joy.  But mostly, this message is for those who believe they're okay because every box on their check list is checked.  

Complete Surrender Changed Peppi's Life & Gave Her Purpose - A Call, A Challenge to Trust & Follow because of Who God is and the redemptive work of Jesus on the cross. (One Hour) 
Surrender pairs easily with other topics and themes such as: The True Gospel, Knowing Your Self Worth, Grace, Living Life on Mission, God's Heart for the Nations, The Great Commission, Following Jesus, The Fruit of the Spirit, The Persecuted Church, Trust, Knowing God's Will for Your Life, Discipleship, Sharing Jesus with Muslims and others.

Do you already have a theme God has put on your heart for your group? Ask Peppi if she can speak to your theme.


make it a hilarious comedy show, with a brief message at the end. Laughter can soften hearts, so the seed of the gospel can more easily penetrate and take root.  Select one of these messages for the end of Peppi's comedy show:

The Gospel, Plain and Simple - The unchurched will come for a comedy show when they may not come for anything else.​  Share Jesus with them while their hearts are soft from the laughter.

Choose Joy Anyway - Why I Choose Joy Even in My Suffering -Psst…. It's because Jesus is enough.  (5-10 Minutes)

For Holiday Events - Humorous true stories from Peppi's life that illustrate a beautiful gospel message - (To Follow a Comedy Show)

1) Christmas Season (Two Options): It Ain't No Easy Bake Oven! - Jesus is the Best Gift (10 Minutes) 

or One Unforgettable Night in the Stable - Jesus came for Everyone.  Salvation is for ALL (10 Minutes)

2) Valentine Season: Grace for a Valentine Thief - Undeserved Love, Amazing Grace (10 Minutes)

3) Spring Season: Mama Knows Best - A Tribute to Honor the Women Who Raised Us (Check out this tour below)

4) Fall Season: The Disappearing Tweety - The Good Shepherd's Love (10 Minutes)

​Do you already have a theme God has put on your heart for your group? Ask Peppi if she can speak to your theme.

You may learn more about Peppi's faith and beliefs by clicking here.

Peppi loves hearing big belly laughs from her sisters.​

She brings messages for the heart of God's love, hope, grace, healing and at times even a challenge. But her greatest passion is sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ; for she knows the power of the gospel changes everything, and enables women to live empowered, victorious lives!  It would be Peppi's joy to bring to your group, the temporary joy of laughter to introduce the eternal joy of knowing Jesus.

It's Where Faith and FUNny Meet!

Peppi's Two Current Tours for Women's Groups:

Mama Knows Best

Recognize the women in your group with a fun time of comedy and encouragement. I’m booking dates now for comedy events to honor the mothers, grandmothers and aunts who have unselfishly given so much to raise us.

I’ll be adding to my routine more hilarious material on moms and grandmothers, sharing some of my own mom’s words of wisdom that shaped my morals, values and beliefs, and offering encouragement from God’s Word to those who are struggling. It will be a time of laughter, camaraderie, refreshing and joy.

Let’s talk about how we can honor the women in your congregation, ministry or group this year with a FUN event of comedy and blessing. 
Start the conversation here.

Peppi is a crowd favorite for women's banquets, conferences and retreats, and is frequently invited back for repeat events.  Begin your weekend together with a full-blown comedy show.  Walls will come down as your ladies relax and laugh with their sisters in Christ.  Then, observe as hearts are more receptive to the Biblical truths & testimony presented at the end of her routine, or in the sessions that follow.  

If you haven't quite got all the details figured out, and would like for Peppi to offer suggestions, she is happy to do that too.  She considers herself a partner with event coordinators, and is only happy when your event is a success and God is honored.  Whether you're planning a one-hour comedy show, a half-day women's conference or a weekend women's retreat, just know your ladies will find Peppi's comedy hilariously relatable, and her messages inspirational and real.  Check out Peppi's message topics below.  Women's events are Peppi's favorite!!

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Five Great Reasons to Host a Christian Comedy Event

​"Peppi’s comedy took our Annual Ladies’ Night Out at First Baptist Church of Richland to a new level of laughter. She has a unique style of comedy combined with singing and audience participation which is side-aching funny! Her material is timely, real and appropriate. Our women and guests enjoyed her so much. In addition to experiencing good, clean and funny comedy, Peppi is professional and respectful. She sincerely cares about her presentation and cares that her customer receives what they ask for...integrity. I highly recommend her ministry and look forward to laughing with her again. Thank you Peppi for the medicine to the soul! We love you!"   

V Johnson; Women's Ministry of FB Richland, MS​

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Peppi is funny.  She's real.  She has a great ​story to tell. You will not be disappointed.
J. Cook; Women's Ministry Director
FBC Snellville, GA

Finding Joy for the Journey

Peppi knows that one thing most women have in common is worry and fear.  Fear of the known, fear of the unknown, fear of the what if's and the why not's.  Fear of not getting what our hearts want the most.  Fear of losing what our hearts hold most dear.  Fear, Fear, FEAR!! 

Fear kept Peppi a prisoner for over twenty years.  But today she is FREE, and that fear has been replaced with peace and joy, which resulted in this ministry of comedy.  Peppi would love the opportunity to share her story with the women in your group, and then, in a follow-up session, treat your ladies to this joy in action with a full-blown, interactive comedy show. 
Let's talk about your event today.