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So Brave - Angela Lashley

Military Events

Peppi will be honored to bring comedic relief to our great service men and women, as well as for their families.  As a daughter, daughter-in-law, niece and sister-in-law of brave men who have served, Peppi is proud to now be in the ranks of military moms, since Her son became an Airman in 2017.  Her routine evokes laughter about life in these United States; so everyone can enjoy the comedy.  But for Military events, Peppi also includes hilarious material on military life, that members of every branch of the service will find funny and relatable.  Every service member remembers learning the ropes those first few weeks away from home, separated from loved ones; just as every family member remembers the fear and dread, mixed with tremendous pride, as their loved one made that journey.  And of course we are all brought together by a deep love for our country, and pride in being Americans.

​For military functions, you may request for Peppi to partner with Nashville folk singer-songwriter, Angela Lashley.  Angela is co-writer and performer of the moving song "SO BRAVE" inspired by her Iraq war veteran son. Featured in Army Times as "A soldiers' Mother's Anthem", SO BRAVE has been embraced by soldier's moms from the U.S to the United Kingdom, and is officially endorsed by Blue Star Mothers of America, Inc.

​Peppi and Angela together, will delight and warm hearts with a collection of hilarious comedy and uplifting music to encourage and bless our troops and honor this great nation.