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Female Christian Comedian Women's Ministry Conference Speaker

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"I have now had the privilege of seeing two of Peppi's shows and she had me roaring with laughter both times."  C.L., Mobile Press Register Correspondent 


​​​​​You can trust Peppi for comedy that is 100% clean and relatable to your group.  Peppi is professional, and is only satisfied when her customers are satisfied.  

Peppi's first "real" job was as kindergarten teacher for six years. Don't you know children (and their parents) provide a lot of comedy for educators! She was then employed by her church to begin and direct their brand new child development center, serving 125 children and managing eighteen employees for the next nine years.  She followed that with thirteen years in corporate office management of a construction company providing water lines, roads and railroads to towns and municipalities from Alabama to North Dakota, while simultaneously keeping the books for eleven real estate and development companies,

Though she had been performing stand-up in her off-hours for some time, her comedy schedule became increasingly more and more demanding.  So, in 2014, she said "goodbye" to punching a time-clock, to pursue comedy full-time.  Peppi has not forgotten the professionalism and integrity expected in corporate America, and also the challenges that are so common on the job.  All those years, God was building her portfolio with comedy material she witnessed every day.

I’m sure you’ve observed from Peppi's website that her faith is very much a part of who she is.  With that being said, please know that while some of her comedy may include a joke or two on the subject of her faith, or church, etc., that for your corporate event, it will not be presented in a way as to compel the audience to action.  It will merely be mentioned to convey a humorous story about her life that anyone who has ever attend a house of worship may find relatable and funny.  As the booker for your corporate event, you want a Christian comedian, because you want clean.  You need clean.  And you can trust Peppi's comedy to be just that...CLEAN!!!

A comedy show for your corporate event gives permission for attendees to relax and enjoy being with their co-workers and associates without all the hustle, bustle, expectations and stress of the work day.  When co-workers laugh together, it builds camaraderie within the team that lasts long after the event is over.  It's a wonderful way to begin or end a corporate workshop or conference.  ​

Peppi's true-life experiences in her former positions, as well as living life through her "techni-colored" lenses as a mom, wife, grandmother, neighbor, church member, volunteer, traveler and an avid people-watcher everywhere, provide the most hilarious material.  Not to mention, she was raised on a drug rehab mission, was the attention deficit, hyper active germaphobe middle child of a Baptist preacher, and then they went and named her after a cartoon skunk!  How could she be anything else but funny?

Peppi has not forgotten the professionalism and integrity of the workplace.

She also hasn't forgotten the horrible stench of Lester's lunches in the breakroom.

"In addition to experiencing good, clean and funny comedy, Peppi is professional and respectful."

" You helped make our conference the best ever!  Everyone loved you!  You were awesome, great, funny, witty and lovable!!" C. Carroll, TBMA, Lubbock, TX

"Peppi completely stole people's hearts.  You won't be disappointed."  Scott Washam, Alabama Quartet Convention​

"Thank you for coming and entertaining us. I had so many good comments! Your comedy was fascinating, funny and timely."   ~ C. Farrar, Six-State Rally Assoc. for AR, KS, MO, OK, LA & TX; Family Motor Coach Assoc. @ Texas Convention Center, Houston, TX