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Female Christian Comedian Women's Ministry Conference Speaker
Female Christian Comedian Women's Ministry Conference Speaker

Who is this Female Christian Comedian-Speaker with the Funny Name?

Peppi's dad was so influential in instilling spiritual truths and godly values into her life, as well as the love of laughter and a good joke. Read her tribute to him here.

Even then, it was

pretty evident.

What's it like to grow up on a drug rehab when you have ADHD?  Peppi knows. It's more funny than you think.

Peppi grew up on an alcohol and drug rehab. Yes, that usually gets some strange reactions. You see, Peppi's parents were founders of a Christian drug and alcohol rehab called Mission of Hope Ministries; and her family lived right there, on the mission's 40 acres, with all the mission residents (well, not in the same house, but just next door). As if that environment wasn't enough to make her turn out a little bit "funny", her dad was also a Baptist preacher, and she was his attention deficit, hyper-active, germaphobe middle child. So, as you can imagine, any hope of turning out normal took a flying leap out the window! Then, throw in a ridiculous name like "Peppi", and you’re just baking up a recipe for hilarity. 

Peppi is a stand-up comedian, writer, story teller, keynote speaker, jokester, wife to her high school sweetheart, mom of two adult sons, and to her only grandchild, she is "LOLly" (You see what she did there?).  Peppi also has a dog named Oreo, who still doesn't laugh at any of her jokes.  But mostly, she is a lover of Jesus Christ, the One Who saved her soul and gave her life purpose. Whoever knew it could be this much FUN?  Peppi loves people, and gets her thrills when something she says brings joy to others, or encourages someone to grow in their faith. 

Peppi performs and speaks for churches, women's events, ministries, mission events, military functions, WMU events, corporate events, fundraisers, and for her loudest heckler, in the bathroom mirror. Peppi is a member in good standing of the Christian Comedy Association (CCA).  The CCA is a nationwide association of Christians who are committed to offering faith affirming truth through the craft of comedy.  She welcomes an invitation to come for your next event, and partner with you to bring your group an incredible time of laughter, and if you like, a message for the heart.

To learn more about Peppi's faith, and what she believes,click here.

Female Christian Comedian Women's Ministry Conference Speaker


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