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Where Faith and FUNny Meet

"With over thirty years of fundraising experience, I can show you how to profit more from ticket sales to benefit your organization." ~ Peppi

We booked Peppi for our comedy show fundraiser.  She was hilarious!  The audience loved her, and so did our event committee.  She was completely professional and a tremendous help to us in planning the event.  We just could not have put this together without her.  Her "Tips for Hosting a Spectacular Comedy Event"proved to be invaluable!  We will definitely be using her services again. 

~ A Dees; MOHM, Inc.

Give your contributors the gift of laughter in exchange for their donation.  

They will love it!  They may even dig deeper!

With all the world vying for your attention to support their cause, it just gets overwhelming at times, doesn't it?  It seems every time you get on social media, someone else has their hand out, or has started a new gofundme account.  That's why, when you need to raise funds for your organization, a comedy show just makes perfect sense.  People love to laugh.  When you give them the gift of laughter, in exchange for their contribution, it just makes giving that much more enjoyable.  

​Peppi organized her first fundraiser at the age of 23, when she rallied her entire community to raise almost $20,000 for a sick friend.  She now has over thirty years of fundraising experience, and will be happy to give you ideas on how you can keep it simple and find others to help fund expenses of your comedy event, so you can profit more from ticket sales to benefit your organization.  

Just click on the "Bookingtab to provide Peppi with the information to get the conversation started.​​  You may be surprised to hear how easy it is.

Also, be sure not to miss Peppi's note to Event Planners.